Museum Store Ambassadors volunteer responsibitilies

Time Committment:
Flexible--it is recommended that you volunteer for at least two time slots a month for 8 months of the year. Most volunteers choose a consistent day and time to volunteer. For example-- every other Friday from 2:30-6:00.

Requires some computer skills
Arrive on time (notify Operations and Building Managers about any schedule changes)
Welcome guests
Answer visitor questions and address concerns
Check the roster for membership if the person does not have his/her card
Know who to contact for more specific questions
Check coats, back packs, umbrellas on request or if you feel an item may endager the art works
Count visitors each hour and record the numbers on the sheets provided
Use shopify to make all financial transactions, including ticket sales and gift items
To sign up new members, have the person fill out the "new member" card and issua a membership card; date it one year from the current date; place application in drawer
During slow times, be sure items in the museum store are neatly displayed
When shoppers are present and you have no one to check in or welcome, please circulate the shop in order to answer questions and support sales
When there are no guests in the shop, please do minor housekeeping chores such as sweeping the floor, cleaning the glass and doors, and dusting
Training Requirements:
Attend one day volunteer training
Attend Shopify training
Shopify Hints

Volunteer positions