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Shock of the New Documentary
History of Modern Art Period (roughly 1890-1970) by Robert Hughes from the book of the same title
(Cascadia Art Museum displays art from the Modern period in the Northwest)
The Mechanical Paradise, Chapter 1
The Powers that Be, Chapter 2
The Landscape of Pleasure, Chapter 3
Trouble in Utopia, Chapter 4
The Threshold of Liberty, Chapter 5
The View from the Edge, Chapter 6
Cuture as Nature, Chapter 7
The Future that Was, Chapter 8
American Visions Documentary
History of Art in America by Robert Hughes from the book of the same title.
8 Episodes divided into 5 parts each. Modern Art starts in Episode 5.
Although this documentary doesn't include the Northwest, it will describe some of the styles and movements expressed by Northwest Artists such as Hudson River Painters, American Scene Painters, and Abstract Expressionists.
American Visions--8 Episodes
How to Look at Art
Elements of Art
Principles of Design
Lecture on Principles of Art
Analysis of an Artwork
The Case for Abstraction
How to Critique Art
Northwest Coast Indian Art to Present
Northwest Native art influenced local Western Northwest Artists
Northwest Coast Indian Art: 1774-2003

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